Jun 22, 2016

Allan Kayser: the Bodybuilder of Mama's Family

During the 1970s, a series of sketches on The Carol Burnett Show featured the young Vicki Lawrence in old-lady drag as the abrasive matriarch of a dysfunctional Southern family.  In 1983 she spun off into Mama's Family as the elderly Thelma Harper, still grumpy but considerably nicer -- a champion of the underdog, fighting such social ills as illiteracy, nursing home abuse, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Her family consisted of her conservative sister (Rue McClanahan, later of The Golden Girls), her dimwitted son Vint (Ken Berry, center, previously of Mayberry RFD), his sexually voracious wife Naomi (Dorothy Lyman, right), and his kids.

The son was played by Eric Brown, left, star of the sex farce Private Lessons.

After a season, the show was cancelled.  It returned in syndication in 1986, with the sister and kids gone, and Allan Kayser (left) introduced as Bubba, Thelma's juvenile delinquent grandson.

And the jaws of gay men everywhere dropped.  The 22-year old Kayser had a dazzling smile, a stunning physique, and an amazing bulge, and he knew it.  And the producers knew it.

In every episode, he was crammed into muscle shirts and sweatpants or painted-on jeans, and his body always got the limelight, even when something else was going on.

Mama's Family immediately became must-see tv.  It aired on Saturday nights, so we watched Mama's Family and The Golden Girls before going out to the bars.

The only gay content was Thelma's subtext friendship with mousy neighbor Iola (Beverly Archer).  Bubba's plotlines were standard teenage sitcom fare -- school projects, teams, dates --  with no significant male friends, except his Uncle Vinton, and that relationship was avuncular, not romantic.

But sometimes beefcake is enough.

During the 1980s, Allan also starred in a few B-movies that allowed him to show off his bulge and biceps, including Hot Chili (1985) and Night of the Creeps (1986).

When Mama's Family ended in 1990, he retired from acting, married, and moved to Missouri.  He has appeared in only a few small roles since.

He still has a stunning physique, and he is still gracious to his gay fans.

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  1. Producer Dick Clair was gay, so he probably hand-picked Kayser for his physique.

  2. I always loved Vicki Lawrence as Mama, particularly from The Family sketches (Carol Burnett Show), but she had her moments in Mama's Family, particularly when Carol guest-starred as Eunice during the first and second seasons on NBC.

    As Jeffery pointed out, Mama was considerably nicer on her own show, but she will still funny. I think it was midway through the second season when Allan Kayser as Bubba went from "dud to stud!" What a hot and sexy man! He was Bubbalicious!

    Kayser gave me another reason to watch Mama's Family. His incredibly tight jeans, great basket, and wonderful buns were always on display. I remember later episodes when Bubba was on the swim team. I was hoping he'd wear a speedo, but no such luck!


    In an unrelated note, I'm enjoying this blog very much. Thank you, Jeffery.

  3. Eric was much more attractive and sexier
    than Allan.

  4. I think Eric was much more attractive and sexier than Allan. Too bad he wasn't on the show for more seasons.

  5. Eric was much more attractive and sexier
    than Allan.

  6. They did focus a lot on his "ass" in shots bending down in front of the refrigerator or running up the stairs and front porch. He was a gay heart-throb on Mama's Family in a time during the 1908's when gays were largely invisible and not spoken of much and never in a positive light either ! He was super sexy and handsome and possessed those all-American good looks and what a body (and ass) ! Not to mention his penis was always visible through his blue jeans and those dark blue and skin tight designer jeans that were very popular in the 1980's. Of course, this was all done by design to be tacitly "suggestive" and still remain within network restrictions of the day !

  7. Allan Kayser was and still is a STUD, and a GINGER stud at that. I mean, what more can a you ask for?!! I watch Mama's Family on Logo nowadays because I like the show but mainly to swoon over Bubba ����

    1. I still watch the reruns to see Bubba in his tight jeans. A classically handsome face, firm buns, and nice bulge! He is a sweet guy who cares about his fans, including the gay ones. Hugs to you, Allan!!


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